Only to start

Hello evereybody!

This blog in English is the response to many visitors I have had from the USA  and other countries around the world.

My original blog -written in Catalan language is about education and playing so, I ask the English readers to consider that English is not my  mother tongue but I hope I will be able to communicate in a standard  level.

Therefore here you are my first communication  to spread my ideas about it through the nowadays  international language.

The purpose of this blog

As you will see in the title of the blog, I would like to talk about how new technologies could help us in the different learning processes we take during our lives, especially in the childhood, when these processes are more relevant and powerful. In addition I would like to reflect about learning in the digital era, and I hope  that my reflections will stimulate your reactions, and you will participate with comments, materials and suggestions.  I encourage you to do it!

To start with good rhythm and meaningful ideas I let you that video that I specially love.